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News Archive for Nov 2015

18 Nov 2015

Brimstone out. A male Brimstone took advantage of the last of the mild sunny weather for a brief flight around the garden, battling the strong wind late morning. [Posted by Andy Bolton]

16 Nov 2015

2 Small Whites in my Gosport garden.. 2 Small Whites,male & female, were flying together in my garden at Haslar(north-west),Gosport,at 14:10. [Posted by David Tinling]

2 Red admirals at Gosport Golf Course.. 2 Red Admirals were basking on bramble leaves and flying at Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Course(north-east) at 11:10. [Posted by David Tinling]

13 Nov 2015

Comma & Red Admiral at Ann's Hill Cemetery,Gosport.. On Friday 13th November,traditionally a very unlucky date,I was very fortunate to see in Ann's Hill Cemetery(east),Gosport,11:10-12:35, a very small male Comma,taking ivy nectar,a richly coloured Red Admiral basking on a gravestone and a queen buff-tailed bumblebee. [Posted by David Tinling]

11 Nov 2015

Painted lady. One painted lady seen in my garden at Ryde yesterday lunchtime. [Posted by Ian Pratt]

02 Nov 2015

Red Admiral in Alverstoke,Gosport.. A Red Admiral was taking ivy nectar along the Old Railway Line(south),at Alverstoke,Gosport,at 15:00. [Posted by David Tinling]

01 Nov 2015

Red Admiral in my Gosport garden.. Red Admiral in my garden at Privett Place,Gosport on 25th Oct & 1st November.. [Posted by Anne McCue]