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Butterfly Walks

BUTTERFLY WALKS ARE FOR EVERYONE! You most emphatically do NOT have to be an expert to come on a butterfly walk. Butterfly walks can be enjoyed by anyone with any level of knowledge (or none). Photographers, children (with adult supervision), first-time participants, you are ALL welcome.

If the weather looks doubtful please check with the leader in advance. For walks that start in the morning it is advisable to bring lunch. For your safety and comfort wear strong shoes and appropriate clothing, use sunscreen, carry a drink, heed all safety advice, watch out for hazards such as rabbit holes and check for ticks after the walk. Also remember to inform the leader if you wish to leave early.

Additional daytime field meetings may also be arranged and will be advertised on the website. We look forward to welcoming everyone, whatever your level of knowledge, on our butterfly walks. We cannot guarantee seeing the wildlife but the Hampshire countryside is lovely and there will be time to enjoy it (weather permitting!).

NEW feature. In addition, a link to an online Calendar of all walks arranged by the Branch is now being provided. If you use calendars in your email software or on your phone you should be able to subscribe to a single calendar file of all Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Reserves butterfly walks here but please note that we are not in a position to assist you or rectify any problems you may have in linking to the calendar file.

Advice on how to subscribe to the calendar file is available at the following sites,
Outlook on the web, or
Outlook.com and
Apple and iPhone.

Note that for technical reasons a walk duration is always given on the calendar as four hours but the actual walk could be either shorter or longer. If you wish to obtain the grid reference of where to meet please consult the relevant PDF file (see below).

Butterfly walks are subject to amendment particularly due to the weather or the current status of the Covid pandemic. Please consult your online calendar or this page for any changes to the events calendar.

Hampshire Butterfly Walks in 2024

Click here to open a PDF file containing a list of the Hampshire Butterfly Walks.

Isle of Wight Butterfly Walks in 2024

Click here to open a PDF file containing a list of the Isle of Wight Butterfly Walks.

Hampshire Butterfly Walks in 2024 on the Branch's Reserves.

Click here to open a PDF file containing a list of walks on our Reserves.

Email Fiona Scully to book a place on a Reserves walk.

More information about the walk around Bentley Station Meadow on 15th June here.

Reserve Meeting Points

updated 19/2/24