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Please use the form below to submit your news. The copyright of any images is retained by the originator. By uploading images you agree to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch of Butterfly Conservation using the images in other publications (documents, leaflets or websites) solely to support the activities of the charity. Your images will not be passed on to any third party. Also, please ensure that each photo is less than 1MB in size before uploading. Click here if you need help resizing your photos so that they fall within the file size limit.


By submitting information on this form I agree that it may be collated and disseminated manually or electronically, including via the Internet, for conservation, environmental decision-making, education, research and other public benefit uses in accordance with Butterfly Conservation's data access policy. Names and contact details of recorders will be used for administration and verification purposes only. Your contact details will not be passed to other parties without your consent, whilst your name will form part of the record that may be collated and disseminated in accordance with Butterfly Conservation's privacy policy.


Please note that any records associated with news items that have been entered using the form below will no longer go automatically into our database as they have done in the past, or be used in our Annual Report. You will therefore also need to submit your records using one of the methods detailed here for them to go into the database.

Spelling Note:

Please note the correct spellings for Orange-tip, Chalk Hill Blue and several other species. The spellings Orange Tip and Chalkhill Blue are not recognised and a link to a formal description of that species will not be created automatically from your report.

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