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News Archive for Nov 2017

25 Nov 2017

Alresford. A Red Admiral was flying around Broad St, Alresford, in bright sunshine while the Christmas trees were being put up on the walls. [Posted by Robert Bryant]

19 Nov 2017

Red Admiral at Hardway, Gosport. While I was enjoying the AGM at Winchester, my wife saw a Red Admiral in our back garden at Hardway around 13:30! Had the window been opened the butterfly would have come in. It was very sunny and mild at the time of the sighting. [Posted by Francis Plowman]

Butterfly ID course in 2018. Hampshire & Isle Wight Branch of Butterfly Conservation will be running a Butterfly Identification course (+ common day-flying moths) over 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings from 7 February to 14 March 2018. There are a maximum of 20 places available. For full details of the course and how to enrol see the "Training Days" section under the "Transects" tab. [Posted by Andy Barker]

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Glanville Fritillary (underside)
Photo © Andy Barker

06 Nov 2017

Langstone. A return visit to Langstone today walking along the Mill and shoreline. A single Red Admiral was flying again in the High Street (SU718048) with another single Red Admiral at Wade Court Park (SU752051). [Posted by Roy Symonds]

Just Red Admiral. Monks Walk, Elson. Monks Walk, Elson today between 1225-1310 (around 15C in the sunshine) a total of 9 Red Admiral's counted. After last night's hard frost this was a (pleasant) surprise. Many were very agitated flicking around through foliage and probably pretty uncomfortable. Others were simply sunning themselves while only one was seen feeding. Three Common Teal also noted approaching the harbour shore. [Posted by Francis Plowman]

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Photo © Francis PlowmanPhoto © Francis PlowmanPhoto © Francis Plowman

05 Nov 2017

High Street, Langstone. Today with the temperature dropping to single figures of just 9 degrees, I spotted a single Red Admiral flying along High Street, Langstone (SU718048). [Posted by Roy Symonds]

02 Nov 2017

Portsdown Hill (East). At the Eastern end of Portsdown Hill today (SU657063) I saw a single Red Admiral flying with the temperatures at 14 degrees. [Posted by Roy Symonds]

01 Nov 2017

Monks Walk, Frater Fields & Woods, Gosport. This time an earlier start brought success! From 1045-1125 a brisk walk around the sheltered fields and woodland glades realised a count of: Red Admiral (13); Comma (5); Speckled Wood (1). [Posted by Francis Plowman]

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Butterfly bush still busy
Photo © Francis Plowman
Photo © Francis Plowman
Speckled Wood
Photo © Francis Plowman

Browndown South & Coastal Area. From 1140-1230 a sweep of the two areas revealed very few butterflies. Cool 15 deg C and milky sunlight but no breeze. Small White (3)(M); Red Admiral (6). No sighting of Clouded Yellow, sadly. [Posted by Francis Plowman]

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Small White (male)
Photo © Francis Plowman
Red Admiral
Photo © Francis Plowman

Yew Hill. Several Red Admirals were about this morning enjoying the last of the Ivy flowers. A fresh and mobile Painted Lady was also on the reserve. I checked that it was not an American! [Posted by Dave Pearson]