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News Archive for Dec 2017

28 Dec 2017

Sub Zero Admiral in Andover. Whilst sitting by a window in the waiting room at Andover station I was greeted by the sight of a fresh looking Red Admiral fluttering around the glass as if trying to find a way in. I don't blame him either, although it was sunny it was barely above freezing outside but the waiting room was lovely and warm! [Posted by Mark Pike]

06 Dec 2017

Purple Hairstreak ova. I managed to get to Pamber Forest today and found 6 Purple Hairstreak ova on a favoured tree, 2 of which were predated / parasitised. Some photos below. Now is probably the best time to look for PH ova since they'll still be relatively-white; with the passage of time, if they're not lost, they can become quite discoloured with all of the debris that flies through the air during a windy spell! If you know of a colony, then just look on branches of an oak at the edge of the woodland, that is south-facing, and that has plump oak buds. [Posted by Pete Eeles]

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Photo © Pete EelesPhoto © Pete EelesPhoto © Pete Eeles

04 Dec 2017

Brimstone at Magdalen Hill Down, Winchester. Conservation volunteers had a satisfying day clearing scrub today at Magdalen Hill Down. One sleepy Brimstone was disturbed and moved on. [Posted by Nick Studdert-Kennedy]

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Sleepy Brimstone
Photo © Nick Studdert-Kennedy

01 Dec 2017

Red Admiral on the Wing in Gosport!. At 14:20 this afternoon in sunshine but cold breeze and around 7 degrees, a Red Admiral flew over our front garden! I don't think that I have ever seen a butterfly in December, anywhere. Above the lounge the house has a wooden sofit with a discreet access hole at one end and I have seen Red Admirals flying around this corner previously; it would make very suitable hibernation and we still have shrubs in flower. Amazing! [Posted by Francis Plowman]