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News Archive for Feb 2023

27 Feb 2023

Hairstreak eggs on Portsdown Hill. Today I checked the Brown Hairstreak eggs that I have been following on Portsdown Hill. I could only manage to relocate three of the four and one appears to have been pierced by a predator. Hopefully they will make it hatch somewhen in May so I can follow the larvae. [Posted by Mark Tutton]

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Think this one has been knobbled
Photo © Mark Tutton
Egg no1
Photo © Mark Tutton
Photo © Mark Tutton

19 Feb 2023

Brimstone and Red Admiral at Miller's Pond. Lovely sunny morning earlier and popped down to Miller's Pond LNR, Southampton.

I was pleased to see a Red Admiral (2nd of the year for me) and even happier when 10 minutes later I spotted my first Brimstone which eventually settled in an easily accessible position. [Posted by Nic Burns]

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Red Admiral
Photo © Nic Burns
Photo © Nic Burns

Brimstone in the Alver Valley. I appreciate some Brimstone sightings have already been reported both here and in Sussex but I managed my first today in the Alver Valley. Like most early sightings it was on a 'mission' to be somewhere else and in a hurry so no chance of a photo but just a wonderful sight - seemed to be pristine and the brightest of yellows. Made my day! [Posted by Mark Wagstaff]

18 Feb 2023

Small Tortoiseshell in Enham. A brief sunny spell early this afternoon tempted a Small Tortoiseshell out onto our neighbour's winter flowering Heather, unfortunately it disappeared back into cover before I had chance to get a photo. [Posted by Kevin Haggar]

15 Feb 2023

Brimstone at Rownhams. A prestine brimstone flying strongly in Horns Drove Wood Rownhams [Posted by Sue Lambert]

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Male Brimstone
Photo © Sue Lambert

13 Feb 2023

Brown Hairstreak egg-search at Stockbridge Down. I'm pleased to report that Clive Wood and I were successful in finding six Brown Hairstreak eggs during a 30 minute search of suckering Blackthorn growth at Stockbridge Down this morning. Most of the eggs were located at or near the junction of old and new blackthorn growth. This is particularly encouraging as few people saw the butterfly at this site last summer. [Posted by Andy Barker]

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Brown Hairstreak egg
Photo © Andy Barker
Brown Hairstreak egg
Photo © Andy Barker

06 Feb 2023

True first sighting of Brimstone in Chilcomb. It was there flying over bramble, undisturbed by us, a most welcome and happy sight. First Brimstone of the year (or second if the one at Magdalen counts although I'm sure we disturbed that one by the bonfire smoke over the ivy). It's always surprising how much wildlife can quietly exist alongside a road. Those overlooked, undisturbed places providing plenty of shelter and refuge. This was seen along the scrape at Kings Lane, Chilcomb off the A31 running along the bottom of Magdalen Hill Down. [Posted by Fiona Scully]

05 Feb 2023

First sightings, Hilliers, Romsey. First sighting x 2 of the year. Red Admiral seen today at Hilliers Romsey nectering on chrysantha edgeworthia and when I got back to my house at North Baddesley there was another one on my house wall. [Posted by Kevin Ross]

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Photo © Kevin Ross

03 Feb 2023

State of the UK's Butterflies Report. Today saw the publication of the State of the UK's Butterflies 2022 Report. It's a sobering read, but represents the culmination of decades of recording effort. More information on the report can be found here. [Posted by Pete Eeles]